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Professional network ready, wide label printer

Label printers now need to be more versatile and robust than ever to keep up with businesses like yours – and the QL-1060N is more than capable.
Offering high quality labels in sizes from 12mm up to a massive 102mm wide, the 300dpi resolution is perfect for consistent barcode and logo reproduction. And with printing speeds of up to 69 labels per minute and a built-in heavy-duty automatic cutter, high volumes are no problem.
USB and RS-232 serial ports allow you to simply connect this versatile machine with any relevant equipment, and you can print directly from MS Word, Excel and Outlook.
With durability built in, the QL-1060N is a truly dependable solution.

Key Features:-
  • USB-2 / Serial / Ethernet
  • Prints DK die cut labels and DK rolls 102mm wide up to 1m long
  • 3 Colour LED control panel
  • Fast print speed of 69 labels per minute
  • P-Touch Editor 5.1 included
  • Max print height - 98mm
  • Print Resolution 300dpi
  • Most image formats supported
  • Barcodes supported
  • Autromatic cutter
  • 12.7 - 1000mm label length
  • Ships with 102 x 152mm Shipping labels (40)
  • Ships with 62mm continuous tape  (8m)
  • USB and power cables included
  • P Touch Editor Cd Rom and AC Adaptor

Label Supplies for the QL 1050
DK11201 Standard Address Label (29mm x 90mm) 400 labels/roll
DK11202 Shipping Label (62mm x 100mm) 300 labels/roll
DK11203 File Folder Label (17mm x 87mm) 300 labels/roll
DK11204 Multi-Purpose Label (17mm x 54mm) 400 labels/roll
DK11208 Large Address Label (38 x 90mm) 400 labels/roll
DK11209 Small Address Label (29 x 62mm) 800 labels/roll
DK11218 24mm Round Label 1000 labels/roll
DK11240 White Paper Thermal (102mm x 51mm)  600 labels/roll
DK11241 White Paper Thermal (102mm x 152mm)  200 labels/roll
DK22214 White Thermal Paper (12mm x 30.48m)
DK22210 White Paper Thermal (29mm x 30.48m)
DK22205 White Paper Thermal (62mm x 30.48m)
DK22243 White Paper Thermal (102mm x 30.48m)
DK11207 CD/DVD Vinyl Label (58mm) 100 labels/roll
DK22113 Clear Vinyl Film (62mm x 15.24m)
DK22212 White Vinyl Film (62mm x 15.24m)
DK22606 Yellow Vinyl Film (62mm x 15.24m)

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