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CMC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of CD-R, DVD, and Blu-Ray media.

CMC guarantees it's products to be of the highest quality.

Compared with other manufacturers' batch-type layout machines, CMC uses the unique in-line-type layout with laminar flow air purification which assures the least amount of contamination and consistent quality.
On top of all this, CMC is committed to on-time deliveries. With all these excellent qualities, CMC CD-R is the best choice for CD-R buyers and users.
CMC's product lineup include DVD+R 4.7 Gb 8X and DVD+RW 4.7 Gb 8X, BDR 25GB, and BDR DL 50GB
CMC offers CD-R/DVD-R print surfaces that are compatible with screen printing, ink jet printing and thermal printing labeling applications.
CMC Blank CD-R and DVD-R, are manufactured with the "bulk duplicator" in mind.

CD DVD and Packaging
"A" Grade CD  White Inkjet Printable Discs 100 pack R205.00
"A" Grade DVD White Inkjet Printable Discs 100 pack R235.00

CD Jewel Case 10.4mm with Black Tray = R690.00 per box of 200
CD Jewel Case 10.4mm with Clear Tray = R690.00 per box of 200
CD Jewel Case Slim 5.2mm with Black Tray = R598.00 per box of 200
CD Jewel Case Double 10.4mm with Black Tray = R870.00 per box of 200
DVD-1 Black Cases, 14mm 100 = R299.00
DVD-2 Black Cases, 14mm 100 = R325.00
DVD-1 Case, 7mm, Black Slimline (200) = R620.00
DVD-2 Case, 7mm, Black Slimline (200) = R640.00
Clear Clam Shells 13g, 500 per box = R1550.00
Plastic CD Sleeve 8cm, clear film, 100 pack = R75.00
Paper Sleeves 100 pack = 100 pack R49.00

Cellophane Sleeve for Single CD or DVD (200) = R75.00
Cellophane Sleeve for CD case (100) = R49.00
Cellophane Sleeve for DVD case (100) = R49.00

All prices are VAt inclusive
Jan 202

CMC Inkjet CD-R 2x-52x

  • Ideal for 2X to 52X multi-speed recording

  • Widest power margin

  • Verified by many leading drive manufacturers

  • Utilizes advanced dye formula, ensuring stable recording and reliable information storage

  • Excellent compatibility with the vast majority of existing recorders and players

  • Excellent Ink-Jet Print Qaality

  • Supplied in 100-Bulk packs for the duplication market.

CMC Magnetic, Inkjet DVD-R 4.7GB 1x-20x

  • Conforming to format specification

  • Utilizes high performance organic dye ensures stable writing and reliable storage

  • Excellent compatibility with DVD drives and video players

  • Excellent shelf and archival life

  • Excellent Ink-jet print quality

  • Supplied in 100 bulk packs for the duplication market

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