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Epson Discproducer PP-100AP

Epson Discproducer PP-100AP

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Professional small and large batch CD and DVD printing

The Epson PP-100AP Autoprinter delivers professional prints on CDs and DVDs discs. The PP-100AP processes up to 95 discs per hour and is therefore ideally suited for quick and efficient large batch production of professionally designed digital media. The new DiscproducerTM delivers high quality printing while keeping costs low. It will be available through qualified Epson representatives from mid January 2010.

CDs and DVDs discs are frequently used in the entertainment and imaging industries but there also is an increasing need for businesses, agencies and public organisations, who need discs with a professional look and finish for their digital handouts. Today, marketing departments prefer sending images and movies on CDs and DVDs to customers and partners.

The fully automatic Autoprinter has four trays, allowing up to 100 discs in two trays to be processed continuously in one print run. It combines superb print quality and convincing speed. The Epson PP-100AP processes up to 95 discs per hour in fast printing mode, and 50 discs in photo quality mode. If you need to print higher volumes-for example, when duplicating discs professionally-the system can be scaled to match your requirements: you can control up to six Epson PP-100 AP Autoprinters from one computer and process up to 570 fully printed discs (45 mm - 116 mm) per hour.

The sealed printing system is protected against dust and relies on the built-in AcuGripTM mechanism designed for a long lifespan of over 100,000 printed media. This way, it even meets the challenging needs of professional disc producers. Using six high capacity individual ink cartridges the PP-100AP achieves an incredible print capacity of over 1,000 prints per set of ink cartridges. To help you work more efficiently it comes with the intuitive software Epson Total Discmaker.
High print speed - Up to 95 media per hour produced automatically
Six units per PC - Connect up to 6 units to one PC for high volumes up to 570 per hour
Low TCO - >1000 Media with one ink cartridge set
6-colour micro piezo - Outstanding print quality
AcuGrip media handling - Saves the drives for high reliability
Outstanding reliability - More than 100.000 media can be printed

PP100 Cartrridges

PP100 Cartrridges
C13S020447, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Cyan 31.5 ml, PJIC1
C13S020448, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Light Cyan 31.5 ml, PJIC2
C13S020449, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Light Magenta 31.5 ml, PJIC3
C13S020450, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Magenta 31.5 ml, PJIC4
C13S020451, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Yellow 31.5 ml, PJIC5
C13S020452, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Black 31.5 ml, PJIC6

C13S020476  Epson PJMB100 Maintenance Cartridge for Discproducer
C13S020476  Epson PJMB100 Maintenance Cartridge for Discproducer

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