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Duplication Systems from All- Pro Solutions

All Pro Solutions manufactures a full line of automated and manual duplication equipment, with fully automated CD duplicators as well as on disc printing. We carry both manual and fully automated DVD duplication equipment configured in both PC-connected or standalone formats to give you exactly what you need for DVD authoring and duplication on demand. If you are looking for crisp, high definition for your DVDs, or 5 times more storage capacity than regular DVDs, we now have automated Blu-Ray Disc publishers that can be outfitted from 2 to 7 Blu-Ray drives. With our units, you can copy and print, in one easy step, making it your very own CD or DVD media production studio. Our PC-connected CD production equipment and DVD production equipment will satisfy every one of your duplication needs in one simple and easy to use machine.

Please visit the official All Pro Solutions website for detailed information, and Videos of all the systems in action.

Olympus Series High-End CD/DVD/BD Publishers

The systems within the Olympus Series are advanced, fully automated, and self-contained CD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc publishers. The systems contain a powerful embedded PC powered by the newly integrated PoINT Publisher NG Software. The systems can be used standalone or seamlessly integrated into any network environment. A new feature to PoINT Publisher NG is the browser-based client application which is operating system independent.

Zeus Series Standalone/Networked CD/DVD/BD Publishers

The systems within the Zeus Series are fully automated self-contained CD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc publishers that have a built-in PC. The systems are completely standalone with asynchronous duplication and printing highlighting the key features. The Zeus publishers can be configured with either inkjet or thermal printers and integrating into any working network.

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