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Epson Discsproducer PP100II


Generation II, faster....and easier to maintain

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Building on Epson's success and expertise in BD/DVD/CD publishers for optical media storage, the second-generation Discproducerâ„¢ PP-100II combines proven features with important upgrades.

Enabling fast and reliable CD/DVD production, the PP-100II features a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, and publishes 30 CDs/15 DVDs per hour (40/12x speed, 0.6/3.8GB data respectively) including printing on the disc surface. Production runs of 100 DVD-R DL x 8.5GB can be left to complete unattended thanks to the fully automated operation, the CD/DVD drives (Pioneer PR1 series) that provide best-in-class accuracy, and the AcuGripTM robotic arm, which ensures only one disc is grabbed at a time.

The PP-100II represents a cost-effective investment, as its maintenance cartridge and CD/DVD drives can be replaced by the user to extend its working lifespan to far more than 70,000 discs. The six-cartridge individual ink system keeps the cost-per-produced-disc low.

Easy to use and integrate into virtually any environment, the PP-100II is operated from the front, and allows easy monitoring of ink levels for each colour. As it is compact and fully stackable, the Discproducer also has valuable space-saving benefits for organisations with large-scale disc publishing needs.
Total Disc Maker software is included, providing advanced functions such as the 'read back' file location tool, for filename or content backup from a stack of up to 50 discs. The new 'merge print' feature burns and prints automatically individual content onto each disc surface, enabling easier batch production.

Cost-effective to own

Incredibly, you can produce over 1,000 prints per set of ink cartridges. And because it uses a separate cartridge for each colour, you only need to change the cartridges that are near empty.
 All in one closed box -  Burn, print, publish dustproof and secured
 Fast production -  On-demand up to 30 media per hour (600MB CD-R)
 Low TCO -  >1000 Media with one ink cartridge set
 AcuGrip media handling -  Saves the drives for high reliability
 6-colour micro piezo -  Outstanding print quality
 High capacity -  Up to 100 media in one shot produced
 Self explaining -  Easy to use and free from trouble
 Complete Software -  Full SW support and tools, free of charge
 Colour management tool -  Outstanding best of breed colour control
 Epson branded -  Service and support for many years. Worldwide.

C13S020447, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Cyan 31.5 ml

C13S020448, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Light Cyan 32.2 ml
C13S020449, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Light Magenta 31.5 ml
C13S020450, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Magenta 31.5 ml
C13S020451, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Yellow 31.5 ml
C13S020452, Epson Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Black 31.5 ml

C13S020476  Epson PJMB100 Maintenance Cartridge for Discproducer

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