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Primera 4201 Disc Producer

100 Disc capacity, 1x DVD Writer, 4800dpi CMYK Printer, Automated Robotics

Features of the new DP-4200 Series include:
•USB 3.0 – delivers the fastest possible recording speeds on CD-R, DVD-R and BD-R media
•One high-yield, tri-colour ink cartridge – delivers low ink cost per disc
•Perfect for multi-colour disc layouts
•New print cartridge implementing native 1200 dpi high resolution with 4800dpi HQ mode for perfect photo-realistic printouts
•Maintenance free print system using ink cartridge with integrated print head – eliminates problems with fixed print heads and keeps print quality consistent through the life of the machine
•Minimum down time for ink replacement – within seconds ready to resume printing after cartridge change

Professional-Quality Printing
With up to 4800 dpi quality, it has the highest printing resolution available from any manufacturer of disc printers and publishers.
Combine this ultra high resolution printing with PlexDisc Media CDs and DVDs and you'll get the most professional looking discs. PlexDisc Media discs are highly water, scratch, and smudge resistant. They also have a gorgeous, high-gloss finish unlike anything you've probably ever seen before. Virtually all other brands of inkjet-printable optical media are also supported.

Getting the Discs Out
In applications such as medical imaging and audio/video-on-demand it is imperative that discs are dispensed out the front of the unit.

On the 4200-Series, it's an automatic, built-in feature. On some competitive units you have to manually open a door or a drawer every time – a huge inconvenience if you're doing it all day long.

Seven models available:

•DP-4200 Autoprinter (for printing only)
•DP-4052 Disc Publisher (1 CD/DVD drive)
•DP-4052 Blu Disc Publisher (1 CD/DVD/BD drive)
•DP-4201 Disc Publisher (1 CD/DVD drive)
•DP-4201 Blu Disc Publisher (1 CD/DVD/BD drive)
•DP-4202 Disc Publisher (2 CD/DVD drives)
•DP-4202 Blu Disc Publisher (2 CD/DVD/BD drives)

The Most Illuminating Feature
The built-in blue LED lighting not only helps you see what's going on inside, but pulses when supplies are getting low and blinks on/off if an error condition is reported. You'll always know the status of your jobs whether you're sitting next to the unit or standing on the other side of the room.

Powerful Software that's Easy to Use
Using the 4200-Series is as easy as printing to any office printer.

Primera's PTPublisher™ Software has won critical acclaim for its simple, wizard-style interface.

Training new operators takes just minutes instead of hours.

Simply choose the type of job you want to perform (data, video, audio, etc.), match with a print file, and press "GO." It's that easy!
Built-in disc design software called SureThing™ Primera Edition (Windows) or DiscCover™ (Mac) lets you place photos, backgrounds, text and graphics anywhere on the disc, including as far into the middle of the disc as you wish – a major limitation with other brands of disc publishers.

Simply the Best
With their incredibly fast output, superior print quality, valuable extra software, separate ink cartridges for affordable per-disc costs, Windows® and Mac® compatibility, top-notch reliability and more, you won't find a better mid-sized disc printer or publisher. You can feel confident buying a Primera product, too. Over the last ten years we've built more disc publishers than all of our competitors combined

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